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Budgeting and cash flow forecasting

Forecasts may be required for various reasons including finance applications, business plans, targeting and management of financial resources. A business budget is necessary for efficient cash management, proper allocation of resources and predicting cash flow difficulties.

How can we help?

Cash is the lifeblood of a business. Then why should budgeting and cash flow forecasting be treated as annual events? Incoming and outgoing cash must be regularly monitored to avoid a financial crunch. Accounting Industries provides you critical insights on cash flow forecasting to make smart decisions.

  • Visualise cash shortages and surpluses
  • Close cash gaps
  • Determine what your bank balance is likely to be at a particular point in time
  • Plan new equipment purchases
  • Assess if you should hire additional employees
  • Identify if you need to secure a small business loan


  • Curb unnecessary spending
  • Track revenue, expenses and cash flow
  • Prepare for busy and slow seasons
  • Create a financial roadmap
  • Have concrete numbers in place to make informed decisions
  • Put internal controls to safeguard against major financial risks

A well-prepared budget is critical to your success. We can help you prepare a balanced budget and improve your financial management process.

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Budget and Cashflow forecast
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Analysing the patent of income and expenditure, preparation of budget and cashflow forecast based on historical and projected data
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Annual tax planning
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Review income and expenditure, identify areas of risk, discuss tax planning strategies
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Performance Review & KPI Reporting
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Financial report analysis,, preparation of management reports with KPI
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Virtual CFO
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Financial report and business operations analysis, preparation of managment reports with KPI, analysis of variances, strategic planning to help achieve business goals
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